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Spindler's Marquetry Chamber - Schloss Fantaisie / Bayreuth

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FACES by Frank

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F a n t a i s i e

A unique ensemble 

(The park, the palace and Spindler's marquetry chamber)


In about 1765 Princess Elisabeth Friederike Sophie named her country estate in Donndorf near Bayreuth

F a n t a i s i e because the Bayreuth Court Architect , Johann Jakob Spindler,

had managed to build it exactly as she had imagined it.


She once remarked, "I had wanted to make my home in Württemberg and find peace, but it was futile.

Here in the middle of this green wilderness I have learnt to forget, but not only that.

Only in our dreams do we find what we are all looking for, happiness, which is why I shall call the palace and the surrounding park, Fantaisie".

 * * *

For her the palace and the park were a kind of painting which had originated in her own deeply personal ideas and which had not been 'painted' naturalistically, or according to the strict rules of art. However, the finishing touch par excellence was a 'rococo fantasy' made of wood created by the Bayreuth cabinetmaker Heinrich Wilhelm Spindler, son of the architect - the amazing Spindler's chamber.

 The cabinetmaker drew inspiration for his chamber from the romantic, sentimentalism of the gardens being laid down in the palace grounds of Schloss Fantaisie which had a variety of staffage scenes. The natural elements have been ingeniously and playfully incorporated. Nature in bloom, clouds sailing by, tongues of fire and flowing water - everything contributes to this variant of a baroque synthesis of the arts.

   * * * 

A visitor to this picture gallery will experience an earthly representation of the quiet certainty of heavenly delights. 

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