The Abenberg Castle

- a historical journey through Franconia -


This special exhibition presents history in a completely new way. Impressive scenery, fascinating production and subtle light-effects will take you on a fantastic walk through the eventful history of Franconia.

A pleasure for the whole family!

Moreover, changing additional exhibitions in the House of Franconian History will always offer new captivating views into the rich history, art and folklore of Franconia.

Besides guided tours through the castle and the exhibition ,our programme includes special activities like lessons or playful actions for children.

The Abenberg castle which is perched proudly above the pictorial town looks back at a lively history: Formerly it was the ancestral slat of the powerful counts of Abenberg until it passed into the possession of the Zollerns; finally, it served as an administrative seat of the bishops of Eichstätt.

Nowadays you will find a restaurant together with a hotel and conference rooms as well as a romantic marriage room in the castle. Since 2000 the museum of bobbin-works has been presenting its treasures in the former shed of the castle.

A highlight is the permanent exhibition of the House of Franconian History: "A historical journey through Franconia "! Visit us - and you will be surprised!

Great fun for the whole family! Also in the neighbourhood of Abenberg there are lots of places to experience: The Franconian Lake District is perfectly right for doing water sports, for enjoying a walk or just for relaxing. A vast net of cycle tracks and footpaths enables especially families with children to diversify their spare time. Beyond that, it is always a cultural experience to visit the numerous museums and monuments of art in the southern part of central Franconia.

Opening hours

April - October: Tue - Sun 10 am - 6 pm

November - March: Wed - Sun 10 am - 6 pm


Burg Abenberg, Burgstraße 16, 91183 Abenberg, Phone: 09178 / 90619, Fax: 09178 / 905185